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Why You Shouldn’t Like super hero comics

Why You Shouldn’t Like super hero comics

The Comic book industry is a failing industry And sadly there is a reason for it. I and many others feel that comic books are becoming too predictable and to static With nothing really ever changing,  having an impact or even  anything Really happening.

No One Ever Really Dies.. Ever

In the marvel universe jean grey the all powerful omega level super mutant originally dies after sacrificing herself to save her fellow mutants in the uncanny x-men spectacular issue number 100 and is immediately resurrected in the next issue far more powerful then she ever was , with Scot even quoting that the weakest of the mutants had just become the most powerful.since that time jean grey has been killed 25 more times according to Alternate Cover . and has come back all those times except the latest one.

The Dc universe doesn’t do any better  with death and resurrection. in fact it was kind of the one to start this whole superhero resurrection thing that  with superman that almost every super hero has done and/or will do since.Superman originally died  while sacrificing himself to save earth from doomsday in the 1992 DC comic book “The death of superman” And was resurrected a year latter. Since then superman has died 10 times.

Even my favorite writer George r.r martin( writer of a song of ice and fire the series that the popular t.v series A game of thrones) agrees with me  having said the fallowing during an ign interview.

“I do think that if you’re bringing a character back, that a character has gone through death, that’s a transformative experience. Even back in those days of Wonder Man and all that, I loved the fact that he died, and although I liked the character in later years, I wasn’t so thrilled when he came back because that sort of undid the power of it,” Martin said, referring to a comic book story where Wonder Man nobly chose to die rather than betray the Avengers, only for him to be brought back to life years later.”

he continues

“Much as I admire Tolkien, I once again always felt like Gandalf should have stayed dead. That was such an incredible sequence in Fellowship of the Ring when he faces the Balrog on the Khazad-dûm and he falls into the gulf, and his last words are, ‘Fly, you fools.’ What power that had, how that grabbed me. And then he comes back as Gandalf the White, and if anything he’s sort of improved. I never liked Gandalf the White as much as Gandalf the Grey, and I never liked him coming back. I think it would have been an even stronger story if Tolkien had left him dead,”

and what George says is true killing a character and then bringing them back far more powerful then they everywhere is straight up boring and it underlies the meaning of there death.

These two example are just a few of the many many superhero deaths that just don’t matter because comic book readers now know that a superhero comic book death will never last.

Its Always The Same

first some stats Marvel comics was founded in 1939, Dc Comics was founded in 1934. which makes Marvel 77 years old  and Dc comics 82 years old as of 2016  for comparison Sony was founded in 1946 and is about 70 years old. This is to show that the two biggest Super-hero comic book companies have been around for almost 100 years. many of these two companies heroes are also relay old with Superman making his debut in 1938’s  action comics #1, and Captain America making his debut in 1941’s American Comics #1. If you go to a comic book today you will still see Both of these heroes on comic books being released right now. with no offense to any of the super-hero comic book companies they really are just  milking a few set of characters they struck gold with and milking them to death and they surely are not  stopping any time soon.

In Conclusion

There are many more problems with the comic book industry and not even just the super -hero side of it but Sadly  the same thing is happening with the super hero movies which i will talk about here on  later on so stay tune for that and much more.


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